Pearl Rides Branding

Optimizing transportation for executives, large groups, and bulk products in Uganda

1. Overview


  • Seamless transportation
  • Door to door Logistics
  • Bulk delivery


Research + Ideation + Design

2. Design

2.1 Research

To understand the target audience and where the logo would be used, we researched the country of Uganda to identify patterns locals would resonate with.

For inspiration, we researched logos that included P or R letters.


Next, we translated them into computer designs and played with ideas before reflecting and choosing the top 3 options.

Round 1

Refined into five new concepts and presented in black and white to aid in being objective.

Client Feedback

Proceed with directions 1, 2, 4 and 5


Round 2

New color palettes were created so Pearl Rides could compare and decide which colors and logo to proceed with.

Branding Guidelines

Pearl Rides decided to proceed with its existing logo refresh. We provided logo and branding guidelines which included the following:

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