Answers about a joint creation


No, we use the the latest software that allows you to edit content text, photos, or anything without knowing code.

Approximately 2-3 months. The time depends on the revisions rounds that we have to go through to get

Websites start at $4,000. The final price depends on your goals and the website functionality.

Yes, we design and develop website.

Yes, to a degree. We have a series of questions (content strategy) we work with you to extract the knowledge necessary to explain the value you offer. Your answers do not have to be perfect as we take your thoughts and refine them.

We talk with you to understand your clients and can interview your clients if needed.

We use:

Whimisical to create your website’s sitemap.

Figma to draft your website design and get feedback.

Google Docs to develop the content

Trello for project management

Slack or email for communication

Google Meet for virtual meetings

Yes, we are can use Webflow as long as you are not building a online shop.

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We build any type of website (e.g. a sales landing page, multi-page, e-commerce) as long as it aligns with our values.

Two revisions are included for each new design presented. Anything revision after two is charged at $200 per/hr.

  • Domain ~  $10/year or less.
  • Hosting ~ $7 – $24/month based on how many sites you host and if you prepay.
  • Mandatory maintenance package – $12/month (Includes security, monthly reports, and software to maintain site)

Photo + videos

Prices are based on services being performed in Chicago, IL. Services outside of Chicago, IL are the same but will require travel down payments and possibly per diem depending on duration of the stay. If you are in a different location and want to collaborate, please send a message here.

We can do either depending on your objective and budget. Contact us to discuss.

Yes, you have the rights to use the photos for personal and commercial use.

We have the copyright, which means we exclusively can use or duplicate the material as we see fit.

We recommend two (2) weeks to confirm your objectives and the story you want to tell.