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Artisan Ave Logo

Remote sourdough classes and approachable baking recipes to improve you life.

1. Overview

  • Target audience – 20 – 40 years old
  • Simplify the science and methods to create good food
  • Classes + recipes take bakers and their loved ones on a journey of great flavors and experiences
  • Modern and local
  • Clean white space with a nod to street founder grew up on
Research + Ideation + Design

2. Design

2.1 Sketching

To understand the letter A form, I begin sketching ideas.

Then, I translated them into computer designs.

Round 1

Refined into three concepts and presented in black and white to aid in being objective.

Logos were presented in multiple sizes to understand how well the logo scales.

  • An additional iteration with wheat
  • Add wheat with texture

Round 2

  • Likes the Double-A in #1
  • Likes the natural feel of wheat in #2
  • Use an “A” frame (see reference image below)
  • Have a road leading to a house
  • Have a nod to sourdough inside the frame with wheat on the sides
Reference images

Round 3

We decided with option 3.

Color options

Final logo

The logo design needed refinement before publishing. We gave the crop lines a subtle curve and reduced the number of lines for simplicity. We confirmed the widths were consistent across elements.