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What is Karimi Joint?


/ kah-ream-ē

Noun – the quality of being kind and generous



Noun – A piece of creative work, especially a musical recording

Adjective – united or combined 


Experiences that build
trust and loyalty

We use our existing knowledge of how humans process information to create experiences that build trust and loyalty for your business. Our curiosity allows us to learn more about your businesses and clients to empathize with them, and craft messages that speak to their frustrations and motivations.


Focus more on
understanding the user

There are not enough of us focused on understanding the user and being clear on the value we provide. My goal is to create self-explanatory designs that allow your customers get to where we want to go. 


What makes us unique


We focus on being consistent and authentic. We follow through because we value relationships.


We use project management tools that provide an organized and clear picture of your priorities. The tools allow us to track progress and avoid the unexpected.


We are upfront about cost, technical difficulties, design decisions, and work progress. Clear communication is what we pride ourselves on to be predictable, avoid confusion, and create a worry-free path towards our shared goal.


Having a destination is how we get to where we want to go. We want to understand your goals to create a plan that leads to solutions for you and those you seek to serve.


Welcome! I am Elijah Karimi Yazdi (pronounced Yaz-dee), based out of Chicago, IL.  Over the past 15 years, I’ve sold, built, designed, and used technology to make people’s lives easier. 

A few things I enjoy include traveling, live music, bike riding, coffee, street art, and photography. 

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